Recalling to the ongoing protest that metamorphose into a bloodshed protest that led to about 21 lives or more lost over these past days, Ambassador of entertainment, Amb. Kao Denero has on his official Facebook handle cautioned his Black Leo fans and family to deviate from such protest.

On 10th August 2022, Sierra Leone as a nation faced another tragedy that resulted to many distractions of lives and properties. On a protest that was initially planned to be peaceful metamorphose into a bloodshed. Angry Youths vandalise properties in the name of making their voices heard by the authorities.

The reasons to the protest were yet to be know but according to reports on certain rumours, the reason that purported to the protest was because of the poor living standard of citizens in the country.


Following up to the photos and videos going viral over social media and International TV stations, Amb. Kao Denero has urged his Black Leo fans to be leaders and not followers of political manipulation. According to Kao, Sierra Leoneans should be asking questions of intentions of influencers trying to use them as tools of political protest.

“Ask questions of the intentions of whoever is appealing to you to disrupt the peace of any land.” Kao mentioned. He furthered that, Black Leo fans should lead from the back. If they asked to jump, they should be the last to jump after the leader has jumped.

“If you begging me to jump,you be the first to jump this jump then I will jump right behind you.” He concluded