Investigation mounted by this medium has unearth that a certain official working at NACSA (name withheld), is alleged to have gone to a school at Spur Loop, Siena Patso Junior and Senior Secondary School, close to his residence in search of young virgins to perform some rituals.

According to the principal of the school, Mr Lawrence Kamara, one of the teachers by the name of Mr Sidikie B. Koroma, approached him, telling him that one Senior Official working at NaCSA, has requested him with 6 virgins. Upon that information, Lawrence Kamara said that in a feat of anger he told his teacher that he has no virgin for the official and that all those kids in his school are there to learn and not for any ritual.

According to Salone Compass Newspaper, Principal Kamara furthered that at about 10:30am on the same day, Mr Koroma again called on him at his office with the same request, and upon this persistence, he decided to call a staff meeting in his office, in which he asked Mr Koroma to repeat what he had told him earlier to the entire staff, which he did. He furthered that, teachers expressed disappointment and reprimanded the teacher.

At about 11:45am, on the same day, Mr Lawrence Kamara said that the teacher and the said NaCSA official then came to his office and again repeated the request, this time, the NaCSA official explained that he had sent Teacher Koroma with the request, and that it was to do some sacrifice (SARA), and that he should help him with 6 virgins. Infuriated, the Principal asked both individuals out of his office and alerted his staff to ensure that no child is allowed to go out of the school.

Mr Lawrence Kamara then explained that on the next morning, parents of three kids came to his office and told him that their daughter were taken to an unfinished house nearby two teachers, Mr Koroma included, where a talisman (alpha man) was waiting. The kids explained that the said talisman broke a coconut and gave them to eat and peak milk to drink. One of the kids explained that she did not drink the milk neither did she take the coconut.

According to one of the mothers, her daughter, since returning from that ceremony, began to bleeding since then. Principal Kamara then called on Inspector Manga of New England Police Station, who readily arrived at the scene with a team of police officers and affected arrest of the two teachers, the NaCSA official and the talisman.

They were then taken to New England police station, where the kids were given medical form for medical examination.

However, during our visit to the police station at New England, the Officer in Charge told us that he will not comment on the matter and that the media should contact the Media of the Sierra Leone Police for any information, but disclosed that all the suspects have been released adding that the offence against them is a bailable one.