34,000!! That’s the number of WASSCE results withheld by the West African Examinations Council for the 2023 WASSCE.

34,000 is a lot and there can never be any excuse for withholding such number of results.

WAEC has said that some private schools have not completed their obligations with them but where do the innocent students come into this?

The innocent students did fulfill their obligations with those said private schools or otherwise they wouldn’t have been allowed to take the exams so how could they suffer for a crime they never committed?

In that case WAEC must release the results of those who took the exams and then fall on those who haven’t completed their obligations with them.

Many of the students whose results were withheld, have no idea why and this is totally unfair and it is causing a lot of stress for not only those who took the exams but also for their parents and guardians.

There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth in the homes of those 34,000 unfortunate students whose results remain withheld.

This press is calling on the authorities at WAEC to not waste any time but to release all those results now because as long as those results remain withheld the more blame will be cast on the Bio Administration which created the Free Quality Education Project for more children to go tertiary institutions.

The withholding of 34,000 results sends the wrong signal to theΒ wholeΒ nation.