Our country’s most well known footballer is in the news again. In fact, Musa Tombo has NEVER been out of the news. If his name doesn’t appear on the back pages of our news papers it’s because sports journalists make a conscious effort to write about something else and not continuously serve their readers with diets of Tombo stories.

It’s also the case that even when Tombo himself decides to keep out of the highway his attention-seeking wife drags 8 him kicking and screaming back.
It’s relentless.

Just when we thought That Tombo, after successful campaign in the Sierra Leone Premier League, would be preparing for theAfrican Champions League with Bo Rangers he is preparing for another trip abroad.

He is not going to Scandinavia this time; he is going to the south of our continent to undertake fresh trials with one of the prominent club Kaizer Chiefs.

We understand his unesscessarily talkative wife was at SLFA Secretariat to complain about this and that and Bo Rangers subsequently received some sticks from some people on social media who accuses them of attempting to block Tombo’s Transfer.

We doubt that very much the meantime let’s make a few comments

1. Tombo should be very careful not to push the people of Sweet Bo to Conclude that he is being ungrateful to them. They picked Tombo up when he was at his lowest after his failed overseas projects and did everything to rebuild his image career. We are quite sure other people are saying the same thing to him

2. Going for trials doesn’t constitute signing a contract. There is no team in Sierra Leone that can put up with the character called Tombo Only Bo Rangers Football Club has the organization, money and stomach to work with Tombo. We know he likes playing in mini leagues but his career would be on the line if he embarrasses the proud management and fans of Bo Rangers and then returns to the local league in the unlikely event of failing to get a contract in South Africa and becoming a “Makwere Kwere”

3. Just to be further helpful to the young man, South Africa has winter and it can be really cold out there. We hope Tombo finds our comments helpful. We are nice people though