Excitement is building among football enthusiasts in Pujehun District as the Pujehun District Football Association (PDFA) officially disclosed the fixtures, rules, and regulations for the upcoming Division One League in a press release dated 5th August 2023.

The league, which promises to be a showcase of local talent, will see two teams (Wanjama Stars and Makpele Warriors) battling it out for the coveted title.

The Division One League is set to kick off on 11th August 2023 at Zimmi Town, where Makpele Warriors will face off against Wanjama Stars in what is expected to be a thrilling opening match.

According to the rules and regulations outlined in the press release, each team must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure fair play and the promotion of local talent.

The squads will be composed of either a maximum of thirty (30) players or a minimum of twenty-five (25) players. This will lead to intense competition, with teams vying to showcase their best talent throughout the two legs of the league.

The PDFA emphasizes the importance of nurturing local players by mandating that each team must comprise at least eighty (80%) percent of district-based players. This decision aims to provide these players with valuable exposure to the wider world of football.

The Division One League will be played under the umbrella of the Sierra Leone Football Association and FIFA, with all its rules and regulations applying to the competition.

This ensures a high standard of play and adherence to international football standards.

To support the district’s football development, the host team of each match will be responsible for the arrangements and logistics, and a significant portion of the gate revenue, specifically twenty (20%) percent, will be contributed to the district association.

The victorious team from the two legs round will secure a spot in the SLFA playoff and will have the opportunity to represent the district on a larger stage.

PDFA Chairman, Mr. Alphan Konneh, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming league, stating, “This tournament marks the beginning of a new era for football in Pujehun District. We are committed to fostering local talent and creating a platform for them to shine.”

To ensure transparency and compliance with the regulations, each participating team is required to submit detailed player information to the district association before the commencement of the competition.

However, the Division One League fixtures are subject to change due to natural occurrences, with the PDFA keeping an eye on potential disruptions to the schedule.

In line with the PDFA’s commitment to promoting grassroots football, it has been specified that no Premier League players will be allowed to participate in the Division One League, encouraging a level playing field for all district-based

With the Division One League set to unfold in the coming weeks, football enthusiasts across Pujehun District eagerly await the thrilling matches and the opportunity to witness the rise of local stars. As the excitement builds, all eyes will be on the passionate clashes between Wanjama Stars and Makpele Warriors, making the league’s opening an event to remember.