The Regional Police Commander South, AIG Brima Kanneh, addressed the Operation Support Division (OSD) Personnel under his jurisdiction on Monday, 25th September 2023, emphasizing the crucial importance of proper firearm handling and ethical behavior.

Speaking during the routine parade at the Bo West Division, AIG Kanneh laid out his expectations for the OSD personnel, urging them to exemplify excellence in weapons handling while refraining from any misuse of firearms. He also stressed the significance of enhancing their interpersonal skills, highlighting the need to treat every citizen with respect and fairness, thus safeguarding the integrity and reputation of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP).

The Regional Commander assured the public that the SLP would not hesitate to take stern action against any officer who fails to respect the rights of citizens. He emphasized that officers must serve their nation diligently, maintain a professional appearance, uphold discipline, and exhibit wisdom and integrity consistently.

“Upholding these values is not just a duty but also a necessity,” stated AIG Kanneh. “Therefore, always be smart in appearance, for it reflects the pride you take in your role as Police officers. Be the embodiment of excellence and service in every aspect of your conduct.”

Referring to a recent incident in Freetown involving a female officer, AIG Kanneh urged commanders to exercise caution when deploying female officers, recognizing their vulnerability. He stressed the importance of adhering to the Standard Operating Procedures as a guide to ensure effective police operations.

Furthermore, the Regional Police Commander underscored the value of regular parades, considering them as opportunities for learning and problem-solving within the police force. This commitment to maintaining professionalism and ethical conduct in the line of duty is seen as a positive step toward building trust and confidence between the police and the citizens they serve.

The call by AIG Brima Kanneh serves as a reminder of the critical role law enforcement plays in upholding the rule of law, protecting citizens’ rights, and maintaining public order, emphasizing the need for officers to embody these principles in their actions and interactions.