Happy February, Sierraloadites!

A new month has arrived, but it’s last 30 days in January have paved the way for fresh sounds on the Sierra Leone music scene. New songs have started dominating playlists, and certain songs continue to dominate music charts.

Entertainers and musicians have worked together to create soundtracks to fuel the waves.

To act as a timestamp and provide props to the due date, Sierraloaded has put together a list of its top January 2023 released songs, based on metrics collected on its website at Sierraloaded Ranked, Views, Streams, and Downloads.

Below are the top songs released so far in January 2023.

10. Xzu-B-Unfaithful-ft.-Queen-Ayorkor.mp3 – (173 Downloads)

Emmanuel Gandi professionally known as Xzu-B unveiled ‘Gifted’ EP cover and track list, and among them is the ear piercing track Unfaithful.

Eight (8) strong tracks from the “Gifted” EP combine hip-hop, afrobeat, and other musical styles. Obstacles, You, Ur Waist, Bedroom Bully, Shabe Am, Unfaithful, Gladi Gladi, and Change are the tracks included in the EP. It includes Ghanaian vocalists, Queen Ayorkor, Natasha Beckley, Menace D. General, Skillz, and Kelvyn Boy. Foxbeatz, Dat Mix Lord, Uglybeats, Ganyo, Alman, Phredxter, Thy Young, Possigee, and other artists have productions on it.

With Unfaithful track, Xzu-B went to the edge of the world to feature the Queen herself Queen Ayorkor. The song was produced by Fox Beatz, and Mixed and Mastered by Possigee.

Xzu B is a rapper and artist from Sierra Leone. He has been performing music for nearly ten years and has released three CDs (X album, Majesty album and the newly released GIFTED EP).
He currently speaks on behalf of his own rap group (TROUBLEMAKERZ). He represents AFRICAN YOUNG VOICES TELEVISION (AYV TV), the most significant television network in Sierra Leone.

The AYV CYPHER is the name of the reality television program that Xzu-B hosts. It is Sierra Leone’s most popular reality television program. In 2018, he was also mentioned in a BBC interview, THE BBC DOCUMENTARY (THISIS2018), BILLBOARD MAGAZINE, and other publications.

Go stream and download!!!

9. Base-Aphonyx-Adama-Ft.-Indexx-Piper-Juice.mp3 – (220 Downloads)

Rapper and former President of Sierra Leone All Stars Union, Base Aphonyx has on the 5th January 2023 teamed up with Piper, Index and Juicy to produce one of the most trending songs in January 2023. 

Base Aphonyx served as President of All Stars Union. He handed over the leadership to Daddy Ish of DX3 fame and was later taken over by rapper Milton Koker aka Colabo.

During his stay in Sierra Leone, Base Aphonyx was undoubtedly among the best rappers in the entertainment industry. Despite his long stay out of the country, he never seized to drop dope songs that are soothing to the ears of fans and Sierra Leoneans.

Enjoy Base Aphonyx, Indexx, Piper & Juice brand new song “ADAMA” This song is another hit banger for 2023.

8. C-Joe-Tomato.mp3 – (238 Downloads)

Born Charles Joe Koroma, known as C-Joe, is a Sierra Leonean – Sweden based singer and songwriter. His genre of music is that of Afrobeats, reggae dancehall and R&B/Hiphop.

The singer and songwriter has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time now and He is known for his tracks like Friendzone, No other girl, Fire.

Last year, C-Joe dropped “Tomato”, a love song that portrays the things and extents a man can go beyond to satisfy the one he calls love. On his lyrics, C-Joe expressed his love for the girlfriend by saying that he could run a marathon with pleasure and do odd things that could please the fiancée despite what people’s reactions might be.

The song was produced by Twice Ice. Twice Ice is a songwriter, sound engineer, and producer in Sierra Leone. He is known for his professional music production in Sierra Leone.

This song is unique and worth listening to. Go streaming and downloading; guess what? You don’t have to thank me as I am here to serve you well.

7. Heyden Adama – I Can’t Wait – (259 Downloads)

Heyden Adama, a Sierra Leonean-American singer, songwriter, actress, model, and fashion designer, just dropped her eagerly anticipated single, “I Can’t Wait.”

Heyden Adama was a signee with Boxx Production, and it was through them that she released well-known songs like “Fit en gbet,” “Love is blind,” “Nobody,” “Forgive me,” etc. She also likes acting and fashion designing. It may be argued that because she is a model and fashion designer, she is endorsing the outfit.

The celebrity has demonstrated once more that her absence from the industry over the past year was due to the meals she has been cooking for fans and Sierra Leoneans behind the scenes.

‘I Can’t Wait’, a single that the celebrity just released a few days ago on her official YouTube site, is one of her hidden presents for 2023.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the delights on that channel, am I right? You won’t regret watching and downloading this!

This ear-piercing sound was produced by Lanzo on the beat.

6. Drizzy-Murder-Dem-Nor-Know-Ft.-I-Tribe.mp3 – (288 Downloads)

Sierra Leonean Hip-hop and Afro Beat singer Ibrahim Sorie Gibateh stage name Drizzy Murder has recently released his long anticipated song title “Dem Nor Know” on many social media platforms including Sierraloaded. 

Drizzy Murder has had features with classic and proficient Sierra Leonean celebrities in the music industry over the years.

In 2017, Drizzy Murder signed to the Ascent Music Group (AMG) and released 3 singles.

They say each story has two sides, so Drizzy Murder teamed up with I-Tribe to unveil to fans and supporters their journey and story they never knew about.

5. Manzu – Dorti tin – (295 Downloads)

The long anticipated hit single of legendary Sierra Leonean superstar,  Mohamed Jimmy Rogers stage name Manzu is finally out titled “Dorti tin.”

Mohamed Jimmy Rogers, alias Manzu, published the smash tune “Dorti tin” after releasing a few songs and winning over many listeners with his incredible melodies in the past.

On November 9, 2022, the legendary musician Manzu announced the release of his debut single, “Dorti Tin,” in honor of his birthday.

Today, we bring you the famous ‘Dorti tin’ by legendary Manzu. Go stream and download the song on all his social media handles and become part in contributing to Manzu’s happiness.

4. Drizilik-Decide.mp3 – (337 Downloads)

Sierra Leone king of new school music Benjamin Menelik George popularly known as Drizilik is known to be the type of consistent act in the industry that never ceased to produce good sounds. 

He has been dubbed the king of new school music as a result of his consistency in making hit songs for over three years, nobody is challenging his status quo. His ability to wax poetic on hip hop and Afrobeats with equal mastery has earned him the moniker.

His first two hits “Exodus” and “Problem” featured Masterkraft, Markmuday and Jooel. These monster-hit singles rocked the airwaves of Sierra Leone and Africa up until late 2022.

‘Ashobi’ is a Krio word with Yoruba origins that means to wear the same clothes in unity. The 14-track album featured Idris Elba, Ramoni, Team Salute, M.I.C, Mimi Wood, Mic Monsta, Fiokee and Skill8figure.

With his track titled “Decide,” Drizilik gave the glory to the Creator as the master planner of his life. His daily, monthly and lifetime decisions he gave the Almighty to decide.

Go check this out and follow the celebrity on all his social media platforms.

3. Ragga-Spice-Dem-Say-1.mp3 – (421 Downloads)

As Sierra Leone is engulfed with economic hardships among other challenges it faces for some time, legendary Sierra Leonean singer, Alusine Sesay popularly known as Ragga Spice drops 2023 hit single ahead of 2023 Multi-tier general elections title ‘Dem Say’.

Alusine Sesay, better known by his stage name Ragga Spice, is prominent for the tasty dancehall singles he has produced over the years. Ragga stated in one of his interviews that he believed he was gradually becoming into a musical hero in Sierra Leone because of the strong foundation of self-discipline he had built his life around.

Last year, Ragga Spice teamed up with RFM Rapper, Boss LA to surprise the fans with a Reggae song titled ‘Jah Jah’, a song that has left a print in the Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry.

The song which is titled as ‘Jah Jah’ preaches about love and giving hope and trust to God in whatever we do amidst the struggles the country faces.

Ahead of June 2023 general elections, Ragga Spice this time went solo to expresse his dismay to the PAOPA Government over the economic hardships Sierra Leone faces.

On the song’s lyrics, Ragga alleged that all the promises of the PAOPA government are yet come to life and that enough is enough for the Party.

The song is a conscious vibe for the youths and the old age to listen to. Go stream, download and let us know your thoughts to the allegations and controversies of the song.

2. Shadow Boxxer – Bob Marley – (610 Downloads)

Born in the US, Shadow Boxxer is a Sierra Leonean artist. As a young man, he moved back to his own country and then left again. Shadow Boxxer’s breakthrough moment for many fans outside of Sierra Leone occurred in 2014 when he collaborated on a song with Nigeria’s D’Banj and actor Idris Elba.

Despite many Sierra Leoneans are with the thoughts that Shadow Boxxer spends little attention to Music, it is unarguably true that this rapper amidst rappers is a rare gem in the music industry.

Producing thundering and ear-piercing sounds is the rappers responsibility to his fans. On this regard, Shadow Boxxer has hit the market with the song title “Bob Marley.”

In his Bob Marley track, the celebrity preached the values of one love, living ones life to the fullest, being oneself. The celebrity on his lyrics encourage all and sundry to live a worth remembering and peaceful.

1. Boss-La-We-Dae-Ya-Ft.-Alonzo-Abizzy.mp3 – (68,290 Downloads)

Amidst the controversies the CEO of Red Flag Music, Boss La undergoes with the alleged robbing with violence case, the celebrity is undoubtedly known and recognized in the entertainment industry for his ear piercing, thunderous but sweet sounds at the taste of the fans.

He never seized to amaze and produce good sounds despite being in the Pademba Road Correctional Centre as he teamed up with Alonzo and Abizzy to produced this dope song title “We Dae Ya”.

This song portrays appreciation to Jah amidst the sufferings and hardship youths undergo in Sierra Leone. This, both celebrities took to the studio to thank God for His blessings and courageous mind bestowed on them to withstand the challenges of life over the years.

The song was produced by Don Creek Beatz.

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